From where I see

Author: Ajay Yadav
Publisher: Lifi Publications
Rating: 4/5

‘From where I see’ is an enthralling compilation of opinions, facts and perspectives. The book revolves around Ajay, the protagonist, whose close friend ‘Shruti’ commits suicide. There are many possible causes but does the police succeed in finding the real/ root cause? The plot of this novella not only deals with the emotional turmoil faced by the victim of circumstances but also throws light on the fact that logical thinking and reasoning has become dead as a dodo. The author has tried to unveil the underlying truth about religion and its role in our life.

The book unravels the path to the Utopian world, where people have the power to think rationally and to decide what is right and what is wrong. This book is subversive and can lead to a conflict of perceptions. It depends on what opinion you hold about the topics being touched upon and how do you see/ accept change.

Grab a copy of ‘From where I see’ if you have the audacity to accept the truth and embrace change!

My opinion
Not everything can be blamed on the society because society is ‘us’.

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