Who are we?

Sharing a common passion for travelling, we started Footloose Backpackers as a portal for sharing our experiences with our friends and soon decided to expand our readership and help fellow travellers plan sure-fire trips. We do not live out of a suitcase, for we have full-time jobs. But yes, we know the secret to a blissful and complacent life- travel as and when feasible.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Having done M Tech (Biotechnology), I often had the naysayers around me telling me what to do next. But I chose to do what makes me happy. Writing and Biotechnology are like chalk and cheese but I carry the latter with me everywhere I go. I am the type of person who will burst out laughing in dead silence over something that happened a year ago. A linguaphile by nature, I started blogging half a decade back when I was still dissecting the brain of a goldfish as a part of my dissertation. I eat, sleep and breathe new words and Idioms. If you find me cheesed off, perfect grammar can make me as happy as Larry. I am a hardcore DC fan (if you stumbled upon this page searching for this).

Lavender Orchids is an integral part of my life. Reading makes me alive, for it gives me a chance to venture into the fool’s paradise and be contented (even if it is temporary).

A life-long DC fan, I believe in what Batman always says, ‘It’s not what you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.’ With an obsession for gadgets, I do not let any new product skip my hawk-eye. I love to seize the moment through the lens and relive it. While most of the colour-based creative ideas are not mine, I am the brain behind this website. An audiophile as well as an autophile, I prefer the cut and dried communication.

The photographer of Footloose Backpackers and the hotel booking manager of our trips, I love life and of course, E.