Love Forever @ Rajpath

Author: Kalpana Mishra
Publisher: Srishti Publications
Rating: 3/5

Love needs no season to blossom. Love needs no reason to blossom. Shalini and Kartik, however much they try, fall into the clutches of love and cannot help but drink the love potion. But life is not a cake walk! “Love forever @ Rajpath” offers a potpourri of emotions, drama, commitments, obligations, traditions and love. Set up in a Government Office, this love story will serve as a delight. But wait- is it only a love story? No. This book exposes the deceptive façade of the Zabaria Marriages and qualifies to be an eye-opener.

Grab the book to know more.

My opinion
Love Forever @ Rajpath” is a potboiler with all the essential ingredients of love, trust, traditions, relationships, awareness, sacrifice and realization. The cover of the book is fine but the title is a little ambiguous. I think a subtler title would have served the purpose. The author has successfully maintained the flow but as the reader draws closer to the end of the book, the plot becomes very much predictable. The beginning of the story is engaging but the end could have been better. The typesetting, font (style, size), editing and proofreading are fine (Kudos Srishti Publishers).

The characterization of the protagonists has been done nicely. There is a perfect balance in the roles of the characters and that is reflected all throughout. The narration is lucid and the dialogues are short and crisp. The printing quality is superb and the storyline is engaging.

Overall, a good book with which the readers can relate themselves.

Best wishes to the author!

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