Paradise lost & regained
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Rating: 4/5

About the Author
An Electrical Engineer by profession, Ratandip Acharya is also a well-trained street magician. He has contributed to various collections like Chicken Soup for the Soul and many more. His debut novella, “Life is always aimless…unless you love it”, came into print in December 2012. The work was loved and appreciated all over the country.

Since Nature and its mysteries interest him so much, his next work, “Paradise Lost & Regained” aims to unravel the hidden truths and solve the mysteries of nature.

Paradise is always where love dwells- be it inside the womb or outside. This novella is an invigorating blend of nature and the other unexplainable things. The books voice out the life of a deer. Life is not a bed of roses. Once a child is exposed to the outside world, the state of being a bundle of nerves persists. The sole motive of survival gives heebie-jeebies! This book is different, the concept is different and the narrator is not a human. Indeed, it is a deer. Right from the emotional turmoil being faced, when inside the womb of a mother deer, to facing the complexities of life and snatching success even from the jaws of death, this is what the story is all about. Nature has the ability to put the senses in proper order. The deer, in the story, helps us believe this. Read the book to get an insight into what is it like being a deer and living in a forest. Overall a new and refreshing read and a soothing collection to add to your library of books!

My opinion
The blurb on the introductory page of the novella, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”, is what decks out the concept of this book, beautifully.

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